Wings of desire

I watched this movie for the first time when I was very young. Memory of a very special atmosphere stayed with me for many years. I could not remember any longer why I loved it so much, I just did. So I decided to watch it again. It all came back to me.

For those who haven’t seen it, it is about angels and how they participate in the world. They exist aside of people, watching them, hearing they thoughts, comforting them, but they exist on a different level and cannot do anything but being there for people. They can only love humans and the entire universe. And they do, only we don’t know this because material world is where we live and we can only believe what we can touch and rationally understand.

Angels have there own problems. They are deeply interested in human soul, but they cannot understand it completely because they cannot live human lives. They cannot feel gravity or sunshine on their skin. They cannot feel tired, desperate or happy. They cannot make a real change. Only if there desire to live human life and make a change as humans is strong enough, they can become humans. This desire can make them material, can transform metaphysical existence into material.

An angel falls in love and desire to meet his love makes him human. He falls from the sky and experiences life. He finds his love and she recognizes him the first time she lays her eyes on him. This is such a wonderful and perfect story. What struck me the most is this female angel falls in love. She is this simple person, very special, so special she understands the meaning of life. Her struggle became her strength and her understanding of inexplicable love trough universe summons this angel into her life. She lost her attachment to disbelieves of humans, attachment to material gain, pettiness and greed and made a connection to an angel, connection that will make him fall from the sky and have a simple life of happiness and joy.

This perfect story is so different from real life. It is so close to us, as angels are, but so out of our reach. It captures the beauty of life so perfectly. Material life we lead is so harsh on us. It gives us so many challenges and dealing with these challenges is what makes human life special. The only thing that can get us closer to angels life is making a real connection to other soul. This is what has been missing from her life before angel showed up. She says something like this: “I had parents, but they could have been people next door. I had a friend, but I could put my arm around a horse instead. I’ve been in love, but I could have just go away with someone else. I don’t know if there is destiny, but I know there is a decision.” A decision for two souls to be together. If a life is a coincidence, it is just a loitering of a soul in a dark.


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