Late bloomers

U sumi u kojoj nema sumara, gde drvece samo raste, razvija se i umire posle mnogo godina, postoje stabla koja dugo izgledaju kao mladice, ali zapravo imaju mnogo godina. Ova stabla dugo ostaju u senci velikih stabala i naizgled stagniraju. Medjutim, to su stabla koja, kada dodje vreme za to, porastu i budu dugovecna, zive po 400 godina i budu najboljeg kvaliteta.

Verujem da je tako i sa ljudima. Oni koji dugo ne odrastu, koji se naizgled razvijaju sporo, kasnije postanu najkvalitetniji ljudi. Njih na engleskom zovu “late bloomers” 🙂

Budi dete-drvo u prasumi zvanoj zivot. Rasti polako ali kvalitetno. Daj sebi vremena. Manje jeste vise.


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  1. Translation says:

    In a forest without a forest keeper, where trees are left to grow, develop, and die on their own, there are some trees that can look like saplings for a long time, but are actually very old.
    These are the trees that for a long time remain in the shadows of bigger trees, and it can look like they are not growing.
    But, these are the trees that, when their time comes, start growing and become longevous, live 400 years and are of the best quality.

    I believe this is the case with people as well.
    The ones that do not grow up for a long time, who seem to be slow to develop, later become the best people.
    They are called “late bloomers” 🙂

    Be a child-tree in the rain-forest called life. Grow slowly but grow well. Give yourself time. Less is more.


  2. Late Bloomer says:

    I think you are correct about late bloomers.

    But sometimes you can just bloom too late…
    If a couple of months ago I were the same person I am now, I’d be looking forward to a life of fulfillment with the person I love. I will call her Athens.

    But I was not the same person then.
    It took me much thought and time to realize that I’m ready to do absolutely anything (even if I don’t understand why, or if it hurts other people) if asked by Athens, but she has already moved on with her life.

    Athens was the most magical person.
    She would light up the room wherever she appeared, and just locking eyes with her was an out-of-this-world phenomenon.
    Athens is the right name for her, because she is a polymath and a warrior. From art, to philosophy, to science, to sports, to nature, the whole world is her playground.
    At that time, she wasn’t just the person I loved, but my best friend and most dear company in the world.

    But I didn’t give everything to Athens. I tried to avoid doing things that I rationally thought are not good.
    Now, I would just have faith in the bigger picture, and even do things I would personally consider stupid and unhealthy.

    My failure to give myself completely, failure to prove my love no-matter-what, caused us to break up, while still loving each other.

    After the break up, I had time to think about my life on my own. About what is the future I hope for, and how to get there.
    She was in that future, but I had to change.
    I was sure that she is a person that will always be changing for the better, but I also realized that I must not count on that, and I accepted her as she is, with all her flaws.

    But, while I was changing as a person, she was also accepting me as a person that will not change.
    When I finally changed as a person, she already accepted me as a person that will not change, a person she cannot be with.

    When I say “change”, I am not talking about a decision to act in a certain way.
    I could have made an “act-differently” decision earlier, and I was always thinking about it, but I would keep doubting my decisions forever.
    I am talking about an actual change in mindset, a liberating realization, and acting differently based on that realization.

    But, as I said, my change happened a couple of months too late, and it means that the future decades I was fantasizing about will never come true.

    I can’t even lie to myself that this is my mind playing tricks on me as a reaction to being unwanted, because I have already changed before even knowing she moved on.

    Loving Athens forever even if she doesn’t love me back wouldn’t be such a bad deal, because she is worth it.
    But the way I feel now, after learning that my fantasies will never come true, requires me to again rethink my life.
    The pain that I feel is not healthy to ignore.
    The physical pain alone (moving from my gut, to my chest, to my throat, to my head) has forced me to reach out for therapy.

    I’m afraid that this may have been the pain Athens felt after we broke up. That thought, that I wasn’t there when she felt like this, destroys me completely.

    So, yeah, being a late-bloomer can cause you great pain.

    But if anyone reading this has an Athens in their life, please, never let her go…


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