Place for the champion to upraise

One of my favorite climbing places in Serbia is definitely Jelasnicka klisura. I can’t wait to go back there in September! I promise I will make more pictures. I was surprised how little you can find out about this place on the internet. It is a wonderful climbing area with variety of routes (around 160), for all levels of climbing and it even has this wonderful big wall with the routes that I’m yet to explore.

When you come to Jelašnička klisura, you can set your tent aside the river, or you can stay in Niška banja. the best place for me to stay is at our friend Pavlović, local guy who will really make you feel at home.

This place deserves to be placed on the world climbing map for one more reason – this is were Stasa Gejo grow up and made her first climbing steps. This outstanding climber just recently won her first senior bouldering title on the World Games in Poland. She is just 17 years old and yet to make world class results.


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