Unexplored Stol mountain

It has been a long time since my last post. My focus in life changed since last year, but fortunately, traveling is still my thing. Altogether, this summer is great and there is a lot of adventures in front of me, this could be a great time to look back and write about some wonderful places I have visited during last couple of months.

Where to begin? Well, my hobbies changed and I focused on my long forgotten love – rock climbing! This summer is definitely marked by adventures with my climbing friends. We have visited a lot of great places for climbing in Serbia. These places are not well known abroad, but they are real unexplored jewels of nature and are made almost completely by hard core enthusiasts who enjoy nature, there homeland and rock climbing.

I was on one such adventure just last weekend. When we passed the mining city of Bor, saw ruined down industry, surface mine, 50 years old monster trucks parked in the city as monuments, after half an our long drive, just when we thought car will not manage to go any farther, we entered the paradise РStol. This completely unknown mountain in east of Serbia is a magical place, with steep cliffs to climb, small mountain lake to swim and endless woods and pastures to hike. It does not get better than this.




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