Ionian Islands

I was very pleased to finish my quest to visit all the Ionian islands until I found out there is one left – Kythira (Κoύθηρα). It is located far on the south and administratively it belongs to Athica region but geographically it is an Ionian island. So, the the goal is yet to be reached, but for now – it’s been great.


While I’m planning my trip to Kythira, let me tell you something about rest of the amazing Ionian islands. There are seven of them: Kerkyra (Κέρκυρα, English: Corfu), Paxi (Παξοί, English: Paxos), Lefkada (Λευκάδα, English: Lefkas), Ithaki (Ιθάκη, English: Ithaca), Kefalonia (Κεφαλλονιά, English: Kefalonia, Cephalonia and Kefallinia), Zakynthos (Ζάκυνθος, English: Zante) and Kythira (Κύθηρα,, English: Cythera).


Kerkyra is an heroic island, never conquered by Turks who were trying many times. It is an island with a lot of historical heritage and also known as refuge for Serbian solders who were there during the cruelest winter in Serbian history, then third of population died. Nerly every family in Serbia has someone of there relatives berried in Ode to a Blue Sea Tomb.


Paxi is a small island south of Corfu, clean and with beautiful caves that we were not able to visit because weather was very bad. Nevertheless, we had a really wonderful lunch there. Sea food was amassing. Return, not so much. The whole boat puking, people laying in agony on their sits while wind is blowing and rain really not so warm, it was horror. Check the weather if you plan to visit Paxi.

Kafalonia was nice, but a really short visit with just one beach and one small village is really not the best that Kefalonia can offer. So, big hopes on this island on my next visit!

If you like small rocky beaches with clear water, wonderful food and nice people – this is a place for you. All of this, if you manage to avoid horrors of Laganas, party town that is not a town nor a party neither.

Lefkada has the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. Unbelievable blue water, steep cliffs to make you dizzy on the west side and a wonderful islands of the richest Greek in history Aristotelos Onasis with tamed vegetation, lot of hidden beaches and lots of sailing boats that will make you dream of waves and lonesome travel to unknown, really is my cup of tea.

Saving the best for last – Ithaki. We have visited the most wonderful beach on Ithaki island. Huge waves, more than meter and a half tall, opposed to high cliffs and water with the color that I thought only exist on the internet made the experience of a lifetime.




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  1. These islands sound incredible. I sure wish I had the ability to travel to see such exotic places.

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