Dream of the Eleusinian mysteries

It began in a circle. She was sitting among other girls, twirling a lock of hair. Her long fingers were coming around a beam of hair, curly and yellowish. She is wondering whose beam of hair is that. It can’t be hers, she is right over here, from this side of the eyes. Than again, she is the Persephone and this magic beam of hair could easily belong to a goddess.

She must return to her mother. Leaving the circle and smoky rooms of the temple, there was a lot of steps to the sea. She is not walking, but floating among mortal people and gods, looking at her with curiosity and smile. The sea foam embraced her dress. Fabric got wet and she unleashes her body to the sea, smiling, happy in her pride and beauty. A true goddess.

“Phryne”, someone called her name. Magic was gone and her long beams of curly hair playfully moved as she turned around and smiled. She was no longer the Persephone, she knew that, but it was also wonderful being a Phryne, free spirit in a society where slavery and violence were ruling lives of much stronger, but not hers. She dived into the water and found a shell so beautiful that it will become her throne in a painting made by Apelles. It was an iconic representations of Aphrodite, now lost, but described in Pliny’s Natural History. Persephone or Aphrodite, it was all the same to Phryne.

Sandro Bottichelli – La nascita di Venere

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