Kavos vs Laganas

If you are a bit older or normal, no, I would not recommend these two places to spend your summer holiday. Yes, I go out, I listen to music, I go to clubs, gigs, concerts… This is not it. This is some twisted reality fabricated for brainless people to drink, drag along streets, pee in public and in front of people or, in one word, just be asses.

Trip to Laganas, Zakynthos was my first summer on an island and I taught it has to be great. As I have to drag myself every day through horrors of city transportation, I was really happy to finally go somewhere where I can just relax and have beach at the 3 minutes walking distance. No. Not going to happen. Yes, there is a beach 3 minutes away but it is dirty and ugly and really not worth it.

Summer, all together, was great because we rent a car and been to the best beaches and some really cute taverns far away from Laganas. But dream of a wonderful beach in front of my window remain unfulfilled.

Kavos was pretty much the same thing except the fact that I was five years older and really not in a mood to get some diseases or to eat junk food since I know clean apartments and nice restaurants with seafood specialties actually do exist. So, yes, it was worse. If you want to go to Zakynthos or Corfu, please, don’t go to Laganas or Kavos. Or at least rent a car 🙂


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