Foča town for nature lovers

Once I have started, why stop? There are some really gorgeous places near my heart shaped lake, so I will write something about them. I’ve mentioned that the best way to get to Trnovačko jezero is from Foča. This town, despite all troubles it went trough, it still is the cutest little town surrounded by high hills, unbelievable nature and wonderful people who will not only be warm and hearty to anyone who comes along, but are always ready to help man in need.


Villages there are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. If you are a traveler, people there will never miss to offer to host you and serve you a coffee and homemade rakija. They have wonderful sense of humor and some truly sincere  attitude towards people.

Rakija is a drink made usually from plums, but it can also be made from pears or some other fruit. It is a strong alcoholic drink, so it should be consumed wisely but have no doubt you will like homemade rakija.


Food there is quite special. People there are not vegetarian, I must warn you. They will be very sorry if you wont try meet. But meet there is really too good to miss. Lamb and veal meet will be, I can promise you, the best and the healthiest you will ever try. Also, there is a prsuta. I was not sure about word in English for this kind of meet, it is something close to ham, but it is not a ham. The closest thing I found is an Italian prosciutto, but there are many kinds, for example from pork meet (not my favorite). Prosciutto from veal is the best, and also a bit more exotic I think, prosciutto from a lamb.

So, when you are well fed with high quality meet, you should relay take a walk and enjoy high mountains surrounding Foča town, you may find mushrooms just like these and although you can find some very tasteful ones, don’t touch them if you are not an expert.


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  1. M. L. Kappa says:

    Hi, and thanks for the follow! You have a lovely blog, I will browse through. Pleased to meet you, Marina


    1. Hi, nice to meet you, Marina! 🙂 Thank you for taking interest in my blog. I can see you love Greece, me too! I will continue to read your blog as well 🙂

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