Where is this heart shaped lake?

I’ve came to the conclusion that it is selfish to withhold information to yourself if you can share them with the world. That is why I have decided to reveal details about my favorite place in the world, where is it and how to get there, so that everyone who would like to enjoy it can go there. Take care of it, this is precious place indeed with untouched nature (accept for the partisan monument on the top of the mountain; I have no idea how they manage to get it there).

on the Maglic mountain
on the Maglic mountain
view from the lake

In memoriam to comunist fighters who won victory over many times numerous fascist army in the region of Sutjeska during year 1943.

This wonderful lake in the shape of a heart is called Trnovacko jezero. It is located between Maglić, Volujak and Bioč mountains. It has deep blue, unbelievably clean water with some very picky regarding cleanliness trout. Apart from fishing, you can take a careless swim. Although it belongs to Montenegro, best hiking ways are from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Best would be to start from Foca, visit Sutjeska national park and continue toward Maglic mountain. Trnovacko jezero is located at the foothill of the Maglic mountain. Climbing this mountain won’t take more than 4 hours, but caution is recommended because storm and thunder strike can be fatal if you are at the top of this kind of mountain without a shelter. On the way up, you will find most precious flowers, a great view and a book of impressions at the top to mark down your success.


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  1. joannesisco says:

    That’s a stunning view in the feature photo. No wonder it is your favourite spot 🙂


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