Sunrise… sunset

One would think there is not much of a difference between sunrise and sunset. One would be mistaken. On the east coast of the Greek mainland, there are many places where you can experience a unique daily event – sun rising from the clear endless sea. The west coast, however, gives you many great views of the sunset.

If you are enthusiastic enough to wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning and actually get to the beach before sunrise, you will find out that it’s cold, oh, how cold it is, in the middle of the summer. It really is the coldest hour of the day, just before the sun comes out. Miracle is about to happen. First shadows will appear even half an hour before the sun. It will be cold and mystical. Water will seem warmer then you would expect. What remains is just to sit back and enjoy. Peace and quiet will be unmatched. This is the time when nothing moves. Predators have finished their hunt, but other animals are still waiting for safety of the daylight. A small bright dot will appear in the horizon. It will become bigger and bigger every second and you will wonder how is it possible it is moving so fast. For a couple of moments soft, pleasant light will become bright and warm. Everything will come alive, birds will sing and you will discover water is surprisingly cold. Before you notice, it will be coffee time.

Sunset will be different. After a long, hot day, the evening will insensibly become mild, sea golden-blue and, as your feet splatter in the shallows, you will notice warmth of the water and wind cooling your heated skin. The sun will gently touch the sea. For the next couple of minutes, you will see the sun sinking into the water, leaving sand and wind to say hello to the stars. Rocks will stay heated long after the sun is gone and leaning on them will warm your skin and heart until the next sunrise.



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