Shape of my heart

This place is so precious to me that I’m almost not willing to tell you about it. This is a place of true, wild nature. My favorite place in the whole world. I’m asking you to keep my secret safe and if you ever come to visit, take a good care of it.

Somewhere among high mountains of Balkans, between rocks and sky, there is a place I claim to is the most beautiful place in the world. You will think this is a setup, there are no famous movies with this landscape and there are no tourist agencies taking people to take gigabytes of photos just so they can say they have been here.

Trip is not easy or fancy, but the reward at the end is huge. If you travel across the ocean and actually reach Balkan mountains, you will have to drive your car trough the rocky road because buses don’t go there. At some point, you will have to leave your car, load all your stuff on your back and go by foot. You will walk between mountains, over huge rocks, trough forest and fern, skipping stream and walk on the edge of abyss.

When you finally get to this place, there are no words to explain. It is a place with the shape of my heart.


Maybe there is one word – heart.


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  2. Wow, there are no words to describe it’s beauty!! I can see why you treasure it!
    Thanks for following my blog!

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