We started off very late and got to the edge of a forest very, very late. Untill the last village, our phones were working, but when we left the last village, following signs our fellow campers left us so we could find a camp, phones were dead and all we could do is move forward and hope we will actually see a camp. Two hours of night walk trough a complete darkness and one very sparkly pair of eyes looking at us from the woods after, we were so happy to see tents of a camp and so happy we actually haven’t missed it in the dark. In the morning we’ve discovered nature is very tamed and, well, there is nothing to be afraid of. Landscape was something between a mountain and a village, with meadows and a river and cherry trees by the road.


    After we took our shoes off and crossed the river barefooted, we found a waterfall. And it was really looking like that, a real life postcard. But a true memory was actually something less obvious. For someone accustomed to shoes and concrete, with fear of bugs and all kinds of strange things touching feet, it was such a good and refreshing feeling to cross this 20 meter road covered with soft, wet leafs. All of my fears and boundaries I made towards nature disappeared and when I looked at that waterfall, I was able to truly appreciate it.



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