Climbing the Acropolis

Afternoon we spent in Athens wondering the streets and climbing the Acropolis was so much better then my last trip with agency and a large group I had to follow. That is why I wanted to share the experience and inspire people to travel as true individuals.

We used metro and this was a great idea because Athens is packed with history and archeology have work to do basically on every corner. During the construction of the metro, this was used in best possible way and these places were preserved and displayed and Athenians are able to see them on they way to work.

We have reached the surface at the Monastiraki metro station and the atmosphere changed. Acropolis appeared high and far and there were many little streets to be followed on the way to the top. These streets are not something you will be able to see with the large group and, even if you do, they will be crowded. We started our journey when there is very little people on the streets. It was very hot summer day around 3pm and tourist were somewhere in the shadow, but real adventurers were on the streets, with their cameras, sun creams and hats.

Once we have passed these cute little streets, real climb to the Acropolis started. Parthenon was luring us to the top as shadows of a tries were encouraging us to keep on going. I have been enjoying this walk so much because it was like people almost disappeared from the face of the Earth. In these moments, when we were alone among the spirits of ancient Greeks, it was possible to sense these gardens and buildings magnificent as they were.

Only when we came down, we sensed modern Athens. There is a lot of happenings during summer in the city and a lot of them are free. We enjoyed concert on the street and also a free promotion of a martini.



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  1. I really enjoyed your photos and reading about your visit. The Metro photos were such a surprise! The designers of the system were inspired to create such a wonderful usage of the things they found when constructing it.


    1. Yes, that is partly because wherever they dig, there is some archaeological site, but also they are proud and respectful of their history and that is really great

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  2. Oh so beautiful! Athens is at the top of my travel wish-list!!

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    1. Yes, whole Greece is wonderful, history is everywhere, natural beauty unmatched, wonderful people… there is no mistake, you should go to Greece! I’ve been there so many times but I never get tired of it 🙂

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