Glaciers and their secrets

Meet Iceland

Around 10.2% of the total land area of Iceland is covered by glaciers. Due to global worming, they are retreating at an accelerating rate. This alone would be enough reason to talk about them as much is possible and hope that appreciation for nature and its wonders will come from knowledge. Although you can find many interesting facts about glaciers on All about glaciers, I will not hesitate to tell you some of these facts myself.

A Glacier is formed when a huge amount of snow accumulate and can’t melt for very long period of time. Snow becomes so thick it turns into ice. The largest Icelandic glacier is Vatnajökull with surface area of 7764 km². Every glacier is slowly moving downhill like a huge icy river. Observing a glacier for some period of time, we could notice that while some years it’s going down, other years it’s retreating…

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