Summer house of Constantine The Great

My long ago forgotten love towards archaeology woke up when I heard a wonderful archaeological site Mediana is finally open, after many years, presenting 17th century old residence with around 1000 square meters of finest mosaic.

Mediana arhaeological site 5

Residence is actually summer house of Roman emperor Constantine The Great. He ruled during the first half of forth century and his reign lasted 31 years. He is considered one of the most important Roman emperors. Constantine enact many administrative, financial, social, and military reforms to strengthen the empire. He restructured the government and separated civil and military authority. During his reign new gold coin, the solidus, was introduced to combat inflation. It would become the standard for Byzantine and European currencies for more than a thousand years. He also brought back territories that were lost during third century. But the most important contribution is that he become the first Roman emperor to claim conversion to Christianity and he is directly creditable for proclamation of tolerance toward Christians.


His residence was something special. Located on an area which covers over 400,000 square meters, at the foot of the hills which frame the Nišava Valley, near a thermal water source. The central area was occupied by the villa with its open peristyle, nymphaeum and thermae. To the west of the villa was the granary, and somewhat to the north a spacious building with octagonal and circular rooms.

 If you wish to visit this location, here is the map:


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  1. This place is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing it on your nice blog.

    In my country we do not have any “monuments” much older than, say, 300 years. But, in case you are tempted to see how Uruguay looks like, here you are a collection of blogs related to my country, they include many of them writtern by foreign travellers:


    1. Hi! It is a great idea to collect blogs about a subject so that people could find different authors and topics in one place. Uruguay is far, far away from my country but I would like very much to visit it some day.
      Montevideo is actually very popular in my country thanks to this movie:

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      1. Every day we learn something new. Thanks for letting me know, I had never heard of that film before. And, please: if you could be so kind to write at least a short blog post about that film (in English, please!), then I will share/reblog it, even translate it into Spanish. I love collaborative work!


      2. Hi! Okay, I will write post about film, I just need time to see it again. That should not be a problem since it always on TV 🙂

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