The geological wonder of Iceland

Turns out you can visit inside of volcano only when it’s nice weather, so if you plan to do it, now is the time 🙂

Meet Iceland

No wonder that Icelanders have such great respect for nature (Campers rip up moss to insulate tent) – they really have many reasons to be proud of it.

Iceland is geologically one of the most interesting places in the world. Geysers, thermal pools, lakes, fjords, ice caves and glaciers, all in one place? This is not a coincidence. Just a bit south of the Arctic Circle, Iceland is a unique compound of ice and fire. It lies on divergent plate boundary (where two tectonic plates are moving away from each other). As a result, Iceland has very interesting geology reflected in volcanoes and geothermal activities.


One of islands of Iceland, Grímsey, belongs to the Arctic Circle, but although Iceland is so far in the north, thanks to the Gulf Stream, it’s much warmer then we would expect. Average temperature during summer is around 10–13 °C (50–55 °F). During winter south…

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  1. icelandpenny says:

    Aha, another Iceland-lover! (I’ve been there twice, mostly recently in 2012 on a charity fund-raising trek — that’s when I started to blog, hence my Iceland Penny nickname.) Thank you for following my blog, I see lots of interesting material in yours as well.


    1. Thank you! And yes, you are right, I am an Iceland-lover! I’ve only been there once, during winter but I will for sure come during summer next time 🙂

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