Out of this world

I would like to share something very special. Earth’s aurora does look like it’s out of this world. And that’s not just a figure of speech, because auroras do exist outside of this world, to  be precise, even in a neighborhood, on planets near Earth.


For aurora to happen, planet have to have magnetic field and an atmoshpere. Luckily,  giants like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, all have a strong magnetic field, a dense atmosphere and, as a result, its own aurora. The exact nature of these auroras is slightly different from Earth’s, since their atmospheres and magnetospheres are different. The colours, for example, depend on the gases in the planet’s atmosphere. But the fundamental idea behind the auroras is the same.

Scientists recently discovered a brown dwarf (an object bigger than a planet but not big enough to burn like a star) 18 light years from Earth that is believed to have a bright red aurora. This raises the possibility of discovering other exoplanets with atmospheres and magnetic fields that have their own auroras. Real pictures of this amasing

We are not able to take real photos of this stunning phenomenon, as scientists use the electromagnetic radiation and just some certain wavelength emissions to discover the presence of aurora. Still, artistic pictures like the one below can take us on such a wonderful journey. Enjoy!



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