Aurora Borealis – the power of the Sun in the night sky

If you want to plan you winter trip on time, here is one idea! 🙂

Meet Iceland

Flickering light that we call aurora or polar light is one of the most beautiful things I’m expecting to see on my trip to Iceland. Galileo Galilei gave name to Aurora Borealis in 1619. Aurora was the Roman goddess of dawn and Boreas was the Greek name for the north wind. This is how we call polar light appears on the Northern hemisphere. When it appears on the Southern hemisphere we call it Aurora Australis.

1024px-Frederic_Edwin_Church_-_Aurora_Borealis_-_Google_Art_Project Aurora Borealis painted by Frederic Edwin Church in 1865

But what is causing this magnificent phenomenon? Storms on the sun send gusts of charged solar particles hurtling across space. We call this particles solar wind. If Earth is in the path of the particle stream, our planet’s magnetic field and atmosphere react. Most of these particles is caught in magnetic field but some of them manage to get to the Earth’s atmosphere. When the happens…

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