Princess of Iceland – the Arctic fox

This post is something I wrote right before my trip to Iceland. We haven’t seen this incredible animal but research turned out to be almost as fun as a trip.

Meet Iceland

The cutest little creature can be found in Iceland – the Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus). This was the only terrestrial mammal that had been living in Iceland before the Vikings’ settelment of Iceland. The assumption is it arrived to Iceland over a frozen sea during the last ice age. It can also be found in the colder parts of Finland, Greenland (Denmark), Norway, Russia, Sweden, Alaska (United States), and Canada.

It’s very small with an average length of 52 to 55 cm and an average weight around 3kg. With its thick white fur during winter, when it settelment of Iceland to retain heat, and brown lean look during the summer, to blend with the environment, it is a real chameleon of Iceland.

Unfortunately, it is an endangered species in Scandinavia mostly due to global warming and expansion of a the red fox. Population of the red fox was regulated by…

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